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Globi's Trip through Switzerland

100 pages
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Cover TextHoliday travel far away is quite the thing to do today. At first people wanted to be around the Adriatic Sea. Balearic Islands, Rhodes and Crete, travel there became quite a treat. But when those places seemed too near, on to Africa they went to peer. Caribbean and Seychelles' waves, today get all the swimmers' praise. Soon no doubt there'll be a queue, for Outer Mongolia to view.
Globi, staying in Switzerland, thought to wander here was grand. For Switzerland to him has still the greatest charm and always will. The train is the best way to go, that's how the Swiss travel, you know. How he enjoyed it stage by stage, this book will show you page by page.
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Publishing date05/12/2017
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Strebel, GuidoText byHeinzer, PeterIllustrations
Guido Strebel, geboren 1928, begann nach seiner Lehre als Buchhändler 1948 beim Globi-Verlag und stand von 1970 bis zur Pensionierung im Jahr 1993 als Vertriebsleiter und Verseschmied ein zweites Mal in Globis Diensten.

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