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Humperdink Our Elephant Friend

Humperdink Our Elephant Friend

Children / Juvenile
32 pages
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Cover TextPlaying with characters who are different and accepting new friends across shape, form and species is celebrated in this story of a new arrival at the playgroup, initially crushing amenities beneath his mighty feet but then being welcomed into the childrens' midst.
Additional text'Darling illustrations about a little elephant causing havoc at a children's playgroup who is just a bit too big for everything.'
SummaryWhen Humperdink the baby elephant joins the children's playgroup, he seems friendly enough, but it soon becomes clear that he's not very good at the usual games the children play, like dressing up or hide-and-seek. When he breaks the children's favourite slide, everyone feels sad. But with a little patience and understanding the children soon discover that Humperdink is good at some things - especially if they use their imaginations - leading to a riotously fun conclusion. A delightful picture book with endearing artwork and a humorous story to engage young readers and help them gain an understanding about those different from themselves. This title helps children learn the key skill of playing with and accepting new friends, whatever their size, shape... or species! Exploring themes of empathy and imaginative play, this title is a must-have for young readers seeking to understand the world around them.
Product TypeBook
Publishing year2019
Publishing date01/07/2019
Pages32 pages
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Sean Taylor is a children's author, storyteller and teacher with experience of creative writing teaching in three continents. His books include The Great Snake, Purple Class and the Skelington, Purple Class and the Flying Spider, Crocodiles Are the Best Animals of All, The Grizzly Bear with the Frizzly Hair, Who Ate Auntie Iris and ?We Have Lift-Off. He lives partly in England and partly in Brazil where his wife is from.
Claire Alexander is an award-winning picture book author and illustrator based in London. She is the illustrator of Humperdink Our Elephant Friend and The Snowbear and the author illustrator of Back to Front and Upside Down, That's When I Knew, Millie Shares, and Monkey and the Little One. Claire earned a BA in painting from the Kent Institute of Art and Design and studied children's illustration at Putney School of Art and Design. Claire teaches her own course on writing and illustrating picture books in local libraries, bookshops, and at the House of Illustration in London. She regularly visits schools and enjoys drawing for children.